Open Studio Art Kits

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  • All art kits are completed at home.

  • SPLAT requires a starting age of 4 years old for ceramic and collage projects.

  • SPLAT requires a starting age of 6 years old for mosaic projects.

  • Please return ceramics in bubble wrap you received them in.


  • Each type of kit must be ordered and paid for separately.

  • Payments are made online or via check mailed to SPLAT Annville (orders processed when payment is received.)

  • Orders must be submitted by June 18 at 11:59 p.m.

  • Orders placed after June 18 at 11:59 p.m. must be picked up at SPLAT Hershey during the pick-up hours. 

  • Selections are limited. Materials on a first come first serve basis. 

  • SPLAT will be in contact if a substitution is necessary.



  • Please plan for all pick-ups and drop-offs at the same SPLAT location.

  • When you order, please indicate when and where you plan on picking up your art kit(s).

  • When picking up your kits, please note that SPLAT is closed! Please knock on the door and wait outside for staff.

  • Art Kit pick-up times:

    • Friday, June 19, 12:00-2:00 at SPLAT Annville 

    • Saturday, June 20, 10:00-1:00 at SPLAT Hershey.



  • Ceramics must be returned to the studio after completion to be fired.

  • Mosaics can be grouted at home or returned to the studio after completion for staff to grout

  • Mosaics (grout) and ceramics (firing) have a one week turnaround period after being dropped off.  


  • Please check your email order confirmation as it will include a link to register for an optional zoom session. This 2-hour session will occur on June 21 at 1:00 p.m. with SPLAT staff offering community and creative support.

Mosaic and Collage Art Kit Options

Both mosaics and collages can be made with the forms below. Please fill out order forms completely so we can put together kits to the best of our ability!

T-Rex Form

Mosaic - $23.99+ $1.44 tax

Collage - $20.99 + $1.26 tax

Unicorn Form

Mosaic - $19.99 + $1.20 tax

Collage - $15.99 + $0.96 tax

Stegosaurus Form

Mosaic - $23.99 + $1.44 tax

Collage - $20.99 + $1.26 tax

Mosaic Kit Contents:

Table paper, selected form, mosaic glue, craft stick, participant's choice of tiles, participant's choice of paint color, grout (optional, for adult use only)

Collage Kit Contents:

Table paper, selected form, collage glue, foam brush, paper, paint, collage embellishments (e.g. sequins, beads, fabric flowers, pipe cleaners, buttons) 

Mosaic tile and grout options can be seen along with the form choices. When ordering, you will have the choice of up to 5 tile options. We will ask you to provide 2 base tile colors and 3 detail tile colors along with a description of your planned design so we can put your kit(s) together to the best of our ability. Grouting can be done at home by an adult or pieces can be brought back into the studio and a staff member will grout for you.

Ceramic Art Kit Options

Please fill out order forms completely so we can put together kits to the best of our ability!


$13.00 + $0.78 tax

+ $6.50 firing fee

Dragon Tile

$10.00 + $0.60 tax

+ $6.50 firing fee


$15.00 + $0.90 tax

+ $6.50 firing fee


$13.00 + $0.78 tax

+ $6.50 firing fee


$6.00 + $0.36 tax

+ $6.50 firing fee

Glaze Color Options

Ceramic Kit Contents:

Table paper, selected ceramic, participant's choice of 5 glaze colors (2 base colors and 3 detail colors)

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